In other cool t-shirt news, The Waving Cat recently announced:


Posted by Peter Bihr at August 1, 2008

I’ve mentioned it before: I work for the Internets. Together with two co-conspirators, we also set up an on demand print store. More importantly, though, I just got the website to go with the shirt: www.iworkfortheinternets.

Admittedly, it’s all still very much under development – so far I’ve just taken the stylesheets from my other domain – but there you go. Also, the shirt shop on Spreadshirt isn’t designed at all yet, and we might have to find a solution with cheaper shipping outside Germany.

Feedback is highly welcome, of course. For the time being, there’s a few photos (with very mixed picture quality) of what the shirts look like on

If you’re feeling inspired, the design can also be remixed in C-Shirt fashion. (Read more about C-Shirt)

And as Peter says, we’re hoping to develop storefronts for easy shipping in different regions (thanks Paul for pointing this out!). One option is CafePress for US shipments. Any recommended print-on-demand t-shirt services for shipping elsewhere?