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It’s been one helluva few weeks for Awesome Foundation worldwide. Our fearless founder, Tim Hwang, was awarded $244,000 from the Knight Foundation to:

experiment with a new funding model for local journalism, The Awesome Foundation: News Taskforce will bring together 10 to 15 community leaders and media innovators in Detroit and two other cities to provide $1,000 microgrants to innovative journalism and civic media projects.

This is brilliant and underscores earlier thoughts on how more traditional funding bodies can take advantage of Awesome’s machete-cutting-through-red-tape funding approach. As Knight itself noted, the typical grant application process is lengthy and “inconsistent with the rapid pace of innovation and affects applicants’ ability to respond to market opportunities.” Awesome is fast, and no-strings-attached, which means you can turn around applications like whoa.

Which is what we want to do in Berlin. So, get cracking.

Apply by Sunday, July 10 with your most awesomest idea for a chance at a brown bag stuffed with €1,000 cash to make your project a reality. Make sure to select “Berlin” from the chapter menu.

With our recent €1,000 grant, Agent Scott and the Graffiti Research Lab could purchase a bike and a heap of electronics for their latest adventure, blitzTag + Light Rider.

A Street Named Awesome by moonlightbulb available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Spring has sprung, and the Awesome Foundation Berlin is springing 1000EUR cash money for a mindblowingly awesome project.

The setup is simple: visit the online application form, write a *short* summary of your idea (better to explain what your idea is  rather than list all the awesome things you’ve done in the past), and please please please select “Berlin” from the chapter drop-down menu.

Afterward the trustees will comb through the ideas over multiple bottles of wine and decide on one submission that will receive 1000EUR in a brown paper bag — no strings attached.

Applications will be accepted until April 8. The grantee will be announced on April 14 at the betahaus breakfast.

What’s the Awesome Foundation all about? Read about our first grant that sent ice skaters to the Plexiglaswald or about other awesome projects the world over.

Ready, set, peer-fund!