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Not gonna lie. When @kaythaney tweeted about the excellent Thor merchandise at Entertainment Earth, one item in particular struck my fancy: the Thor helmet, aka the Thormet. Gotta get one of those.

bubble tea, homemade style” by massdistraction | CC NC ND

Yesterday I had the pleasure of again joining the Küchenradio team, this time in a more relaxed apartment setting rather than the last week´s stage experiment. We chatted about Googlegängers (there`s a lady that makes a whole career out of finding hers) and brewed some bubble tea. Uncle Andy and Cindy asked about American dating customs, while Dr. Phil kept us on topic with a good introduction to Creative Commons. Frau Katja posed some thoughtful commentary about alternative licensing and later related the trials and tribulations of waxing.

I regret that when asked about my impression of Germans, I neglected to mention the obvious: Germans are paranoid about being cold. For them, there`s an immediate and psychological cause-effect between say, wearing flips-flops in autumn and coming down with the flu. Without fail, a German will point to an American wearing sandals in September and scoff, “You`ll catch a cold like that.” Germans are also obsessed with scarves and insist that anyone not wearing one will suffer from influenza as harsh winds ravage their unproteced neck.


Catch the podcast and have a laugh. It´s under CC BY-SA.

My new neighborhood Graefekiez in Kreuzberg, Berlin always yields pleasant serendipity. Last night taz Twitter-er & Socialbar planner Jan Michael Ihl and I bumped into Philip, Andreas, and Cindy from the Berliner quatsch-clique Küchenradio.

We chatted for nearly an hour half hour about Creative Commons, Twitter, hindering BMW drivers, and how to make nutellachinos

You can listen to the conversation starting at minute 20:50. The podcast (German) is CC BY-NC-ND. Not the most liberal licensing choice, but I was happy to learn that they were using a CC license in the first place. Maybe they’d consider opening up and experimenting at least without the No Derivatives element? Only allowing verbatim copies limits the fun of whipping up a good remix.

Update: Küchenradio now licenses their podcasts under CC BY-SA. d(^_^)b

From the the Küchenradio blog:

Die Admiralbrücke hat sich zum Rauchabzug der Kreuzberger Kiffer-Szene entwickelt – obwohl eine Frau, die auf der Flucht vor dem Kuss in den Landwehrkanal gefallen ist und diese Website als Referenz angibt, behauptet, es handele sich um eine Kokser-Brücke.

Über die Brücke, mit einem Bier in der Hand, schlenderte Intensiv-Blogger und Multi-Twitterer Jan Michael Ihl begleitet von Creative Commons Aktivisten Michelle Thorne (eigener Wikipedia-Eintrag!).

Next Tuesday, Sept. 16 On Sept. 23 at 21:00 CET I’ll again join the Küchenradio crew and show them how to make nutellachinos. Come listen in at Lecker!

Sometimes a screen name sticks. And sometimes it’s just sticky. For this post, I invite you to the sticky, chocolaty story behind one of my online aliases — nutellachino.

A nutellachino is a sandwich that I dreamed up long ago, an invention born of necessity more than inspiration. Back in high school, I would come home from soccer practice, and in my calorie-depleted state, descend savagely upon our food supplies. Usually our well-stocked cupboards absorbed my attack — there was always an endless heap of perverse American snacks: Poptarts, Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, M&M ice cream sandwiches, and the like.

But every once in a while, the house’s sugar stock ran low. And in those cases, desperate times called for desperate measures. ENTER THE NUTELLACHINO

The ingredients for this tasty treat are simple. Grab some toast, a jar of Nutella, and some cappuccino powder (yes, coffee snobs, I know that this is a lowly ersatz product). Spread said chocolaty goodness onto toasts. Add powder as desired. Viola!

Yum! Good to the last crumb! (^o^)


So this is thornet, my long-postponed plunge into the blogosphere. My name’s Michelle, and I intend to incite a fiery search engine ranking war against my Googlegänger, that other, more notorious Michelle Thorne.

Ok, well actually, thornet is really just about having my own cozy patch of bandwidth in the wild, wide world. Quite like a rustic cyber-cabin to collect my thoughts and hear from friends and colleagues. So with no further ado…

Image remixed from Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya by oxygeon licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.