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Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom and the Web
London, November 4 – 6, 2011

Mark your calendar for a one-of-a-kind event, Mozilla’s Media, Freedom and the Web Festival:

This year’s Mozilla Festival will gather passionate, creative people using the web to bend, hack and reinvent media. We’ll solve real problems and build prototypes with talented designers, world-class journalists, and cutting-edge developers.

Mozilla Festival in Barcelona, 2010

Last year's Mozilla Festival in Barcelona

Help spread the word:

Save the Date! Mozilla Festival on Media, Freedom and the Web. London, Nov. 4 – 6. #mozfest

We’ll meet in London, a true media capital, for three days fueled by innovation challenges. Drive new ways of making media with design jams, hackfests, learning labs, live demos and parties.

At the Media, Freedom and the Web Festival, you’ll pull the best of modern web technology into the world of media. Collaborate with real-world journalists and daring technologists to build whatever inspired version of the media future you like. Minimum talking, maximum web making.

Sign up now for updates and to get involved; we’ll email when registration is open:

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Last year’s Festival:
Contact: festival [at] mozilla [dot] org

Hope to see you there!

There’s a lively thread on the Drumbeat list about local <> global events, started by Alina. I’ve been mulling over some thoughts following the round of Knight-Mozilla News Innovations Jams (see a great post by Dees about the UK events). Here’s a cross-posting about a few insights I’ve had:

With MoJo activities in over 15 cities, inc. four in Latin America and another five outside North America (although granted in English-speaking countries), we’re on to something. Some lessons from those jams:

  • Drive events around design challenges / shared action. This boosts collaboration and gives purpose to the event. Specific, value-add challenges work better than very general ones (i.e. we got more action around the “Beyond Comments” challenge than from the broad “People=Powered News”.
  • Articulate what makes the participant group unique. For MoJo, it was about bringing journalists, techies, and designers together to work on a specific problem set. This is also what we’re trying at the festivals, for example in Barcelona with the educators and web geeks. This gives another sense of purpose and focus.
  • Frame the local event in a broader narrative arc that goes beyond the immediate timeframe. The Knight-Mozilla jams lead up to a longer term fellowship program and global conversation, and they’re a great feeder for the forthcoming festival, which focuses on Media, Freedom, and the Web.
  • Provide assets to make it easier for organizers to plug and play. Evolve those assets when more ideas / improvements come in. We did this for the MoJo jams, for example adding the bingo icebreaker cards from Jennie in New York and slides in Spanish made by Renata in Guatemala.
  • Run an evaluation afterward. That’s in progress now for MoJo, and the results will be shared soon.

There’s much to learn and to discuss together around what types of events, themes, and processes work. Would love to hear from you all what you think about the above and from Mozilla events you’ve attended.

Do you have ideas for how news and journalism can be edgier, cooler, and more interactive online?

You can qualify directly for a yearlong, paid innovation fellowship at the BBC, Guardian, ZEIT Online, Boston Globe and Al Jazeera by rising to the Knight-Mozila News Innovation Challenges (#MoJo) during a news jam in your city. You can also submit your brilliant ideas online until close of business EST on June 5.

The Jams

In 15 cities around the world, hacks (journalists) and hackers (developers) are teaming up to build prototypes that help journalists take advantage of the open web and engage with citizens in new ways. You can join, too.

The Challenges

We’re tackling three design challenges:

The Cities

Innovators from San Francisco to Buenos Aires, from Guatemala City to Chicago, are sketching ideas on napkins, sharing experiences about journalism and the web, and being rewarded with beer (or MoJoitos) and good company. Particularly exciting is a partnership  with Hacks/Hackers, a network of journalists and technologists, in several cities.

You can still join some jams in person:

Read up on the past action in:


These innovation jams are also teeing up major projects and partnerships for the forthcoming Mozilla Festival, Media, Freedom and the Web, this fall in London. Stay tuned to learn how get involved, and visit Mozilla Journalism (@KnightMozilla) for more info on MoJo.

Jon Rogers of Product Design at the University Dundee

MoJo hacks from Guatemala City

Brainstorming in El Salvador

Knight-Mozilla News Innovation Jam by Hacks/Hackers Argentina

Hacks/Hackers jamming in Seattle

Teaming up with El Periodico in Guatemala