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The Y-Table is built for mobile collaboration. The three long slabs connect in the middle, providing maximum workspace and a collapsible structure. Note the blackboard slot for easy signage and doodling.

The table was designed by The Anxious Prop for the MakerLab in Milan.

P1070271 / Mendel Heit /

If you’re in Milan for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile or Public Design Festival this week, be sure to swing by the Maker Lab Milan. Public hacking will commence!

There’s a forthcoming book on open design curated by Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fasion, Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands in partnership with FabLab. Groundwork for Open Design Now was laid during the DMY Maker Lab and later at a workshop in Amsterdam; both of which I delightfully attended. The book previewed recently at PICNIC, and now the text is in full iteration and will hit the publisher soon. It’ll showcase some stellar examples of open design, as well as provide background and a critical perspective of the years to come in the field.

While we wait, I wanted to share an excerpt I found to be a very simple yet sharp metaphor for “IP-theft” versus the positive messaging of sharing and Creative Commons licenses. The quotation comes from Dr. Peter Troxler’s profile of Open Design founding father, Ronen Kadushin. Ronen will probably hate me that phrase. ^_^

Let’s say you have a good bicycle. You like it, so you buy a really nice lock for it. If a thief wants to take this bicycle, it doesn’t matter how good your lock is, he will find a way to take your bicycle. And this is exactly the same with intellectual property. I’m not saying that I’m leaving my bicycles without a lock; [my work] has a lock. But the lock says, “Hey, you want to ride this and give it back when you’re finished?” You know, because you can have a ride, but if you want to buy it, I will sell the bike to you [Ronen releases most of his works under BY-NC-SA]. If you want to produce it, I will let you do it. But there are many more options. People should be straight and honest about it.

Speaking of locks, at Ronen’s latest exhibition, Recent Uploads, Parker and I hatched a fun art project: why not DIY scan a Kindle ebook? You know, purchase a DRM-wrapped text of your choice, set up the Kindle on a flatbed scanner, and just rip, mix, burn your way through it. There’s a difference between locks that say no and locks that say please treat me nicely.

MakerLegoBot: a 3D printer made of LEGO that prints LEGO. Enough meta to make your geek mind spin! / via brainpicker

What balance of order and chaos inspires us to be creative? How does the spirit of online collaboration translate to physical space? What lessons do open design principles hold for the future of society and sustainable production?

Last night, KS12 premiered the last film in their trilogy, Chasing the Buffalo. The immediated auto-documentary was created at the DMY Maker Lab, a collaboration of numerous makers, tinkerers, and thinkers. The film explores the principles of open design and asks how open design processes will affect the future of making and doing.

The film is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0. You can follow the discussion on and with the hashtag #chasingthebuffalo.

Congrats, KS12!

Friends from the Dutch FabLab network are in this 14min. documentary about fabbing and making by Elmine Wijnia.

A Shift: a documentary on FabLab in The Netherlands on Vimeo.

Things are gearing up for the DMY Maker Lab, which kicks off tomorrow evening, June 9, at Templehof. We’ve got a new website on DMY, which mirrors the info at Our awesome trailer by KS12 ended up on MAKE MAGAZINE and CRAFT, and our Facebook page is filling up.

Send an email to or head directly to the space to get involved.

You can also follow us on Twitter with #dmymakerlab and swim in our Flickr pool See you there!

So much great coverage of the ingenious iPhone Killer, hatched by Berlin’s Open Design maven Ronen Kadushin. The CAD files are all CC BY NS SA licensed, and you know what? It’s interoperable with newer iPhone and even iPad models. Enough has been said elsewhere, but I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.

Image: iPhone Killer by Ronen Kadushin / CC BY NC SA 3.0

Open Design City by tracy the astonishing / CC BY-SA

We’re into the final stretches of prototyping, and there’s been a lot of good projects and ideas bubbling out. Lately we’ve been based at the newly launched Open Design City, a creative space at Berlin’s betahaus where makers can rent time and space on the machines and in the workshop. There have been some awesome outputs so far, including the infamous bioplastic wallets that landed tinkerer Jay Cousins on BoingBoing,

Here’s a sneak-peak at what we’re planning for the DMY Maker Lab so far. Please feel free to drop in on June 9-13 and join the workshops. If you have an idea for a session, please drop us a line, and we’ll get you on the schedule!

From betahaus

It might have been around for a couple of weeks already: We are about to add a new ingredient to the betahaus DNA this april. Together with palomar5, lasernlasern, bausteln and Mechatronik Werkstatt Berlin we will set up Berlin’s first fablab in the back of betahaus and it’ll go by the name of Open Design City and it will be delivered in beta. yay!

Thanks to the fellows above we already have got: a) a CNC router, b) a lasercutter, c) a makerbot, d) tools, some materials, workbenches, awesome space, good coffee.

Now we are looking for makers, baustlers, designers, DIY people, architects, disciples of arduino, open design or Gyro Gearloos or Doctor Snuggles that want to take the journey with us to berlins first fablab and beyond.

Our initial offer is a 200,- €/month membership that includes the use of the betahaus office space as well as the use of the fablab and it’s machines. We will figure out the rest, once you are there.

If you want to be part of it, please contact very quickly. We do have very limited space and time to set this all up and once the workspace ist sold out, it will take a while until we will be able to provide more space. Also if you think you have got a valuable machine to contribute to the fablab, get in contact with us. We will make a special offer for those that bring stuff.

All of us were thinking, planning, talking, thinking again, planning again, talking again about all the “hows” and “whens” regarding the foundation of a fablab the we finally figured out, the best way would be to deliver in beta and walk on from there together. We all believe, that the time couldn’t be better to start making and are excited like hell where this all will lead to.

Looking Forward to your Feedback

Your Open Design City Team

P.S.:  This Saturday (April 10) we will have an ODC Kickstart Event. With the enabling hand of Jay Cousins and Palomar5 we will build the blueprint for the Open Design City already in Cardboard. Thanks to Modulor we will have enough cardboard in place. You only need to bring Cutters and Scissors. The session will be embedded in the betahaus birthdayparty activity including some molecular cooking, fashion fleamarket and and awesome party at night. Drop in around 5 pm and bring your scissors!!!