Global Melt is a workshop for leaders of global peer-driven movements to explore what our movements have in common, share what we have learned, and discuss solutions and ideas for our respective communities and joint actions. The first Global Melt was held in Berlin from March 27-29, 2011.

Together with Mozilla Foundation’s Mark Surman, I co-chaired the program of the Drumbeat Festival, a gathering of disruptive thinkers and activists engaging the intersection of “learning, freedom, and the web.” The festival, held Nov. 3-5, 2010 in Barcelona, was organized by a great team of folks promoting the open web. I’m the Foundation’s Global Event Coordinator.

The Awesome Foundation’s Berlin chapter receives applications for awesome project ideas and awards 1000EUR every quarter to make those projects a reality. We literally just hand over the cash. No strings attached.

The DMY Maker Lab is a celebration of Open Design through practice, presentations, and collaborative action, created by instigators and participants alike. It was held at the DMY International Design Festival from 9-13 June 2010.

Open Design is about developing, adapting, modifying and building through new tools, labor and material economies. It blurs the barriers between product and artifact, delivering objects in beta and ever-evolving. Check out to read about the latest Open Design news in Berlin.

A book sprint about Open Design is in the works, in collaboration with WAAG Society and CC Netherlands. Follow #(u)design to learn more.

The Free Culture Research Conference is an event for scholars whose work contributes to the promotion, study or criticism of a Free Culture, to engage with a multidisciplinary group of academic peers and practitioners, identify the most important research opportunities and challenges, and attempt to chart the future of Free Culture. This year’s focus is Free Culture between Commons and Markets: Approaching the Hybrid Economy? The conference was held on Oct. 8-9, 2010 at the Free University in Berlin, with generous support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation and in collaboration with COMMUNIA, the European Network on the digital public domain.

A crazy vision together with Renata Avila and Teresa Sempere García to organize a CC Bus tour through Central America. We’ll rent one of the region’s ubiquitous mini vans, pack it full with CC enthusiasts and open web folks, and traverse the region for two weeks, holding workshops, salons, parties, and whatever event format necessary to connect the lively Free Culture scene in Central America. On the itinerary are Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador. You can see our route on Google Maps.

As part of the vibrant Diplo Foundation network, I’m conducting a research project as part of an advanced capacity building course on internet governance. We focus on the infrastructure issues of the internet and the politics behind making and shaping them. We also train and prepare for regional and global meetings on internet governance, such as the IGF and EURODIG.

Open Everything Berlin is a monthly salon focused on exploring “openness” in various fields: education, medicine, design, offices, film, music, data, maps, and more.

Contributing member of the Google Collaboratory for Internet and Society, an expert group initiated by Google Germany to analyze and develop solutions for societal questions in the digital age.

Geeky I work for the Internets t-shirts available online. Wanna tweak the design? Use Spreadshirt to create your own remix.